Ultimate Cyber Attack Squad!

2006-09-23FINALLY! The release candidate is done, and is likely to be very similar to the real thing. Please download it, and mail me comments. Gamepad issues are of special interest, and if you're on a low-end computer, please report whether the game runs smoothly or not, along with your specifications. Note that the game is not alt-tab friendly!

Get it here!

2006-07-25Damn, things are taking longer than I thought, but I SHOULD have expected that... Anyways, bullet-patterns and level-schemes are pretty much done. The graphics need more work, and I think that'll take a while. Just today I messed around with the code for the visuals for bullets, allowing spinning, animation, etc. I hope the game will be ready in a couple of weeks...
2006-06-27Website back online, with a new version of the demo available. New features include keyboard control.
2006-06-16Pages created, game development in progress.

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